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Edinburgh recent comments:

  • Cappadocia Kebab Shop, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    lol best kebab shop on the walk home after a night oan the lash mair like
  • Meadowbank Stadium, realist (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
  • Tynecastle Stadium, kirsty (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    G'on the Hearts!
  • Montpeliers Bar/Restaurant, Mike (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Afwul bar, full of idiots. The food is gash too.
  • Tynecastle Old Ticket Office, DBell (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    I think you will find that, the area highlighted is the current ticket office, and other office space, the adult seducation centre is at the top of the box!
  • Appleton Tower, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    not a pretty site this - definitely not one to put on the tourist trail
  • Tynecastle Stadium, fred (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    not only the best team the only team in edinburgh
  • Tynecastle Stadium, mitch (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Where all my dreams will hopefully come true !! if vlad stops picking the team !!
  • Tynecastle Stadium, Jambo girl (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    02/04/2006... Mighty HMFC 4 Wee team 0 - 105 Years in a Row!!!
  • Tynecastle Old Ticket Office, Tom Page (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    That's the old Adult Education Centre. The high school is to the north of the stadium.
  • Greyfriars Church, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    go and check out the notice board - people sometimes leave poems. really rubbish ones - "wee grayfriars bobby, how you wished! at your masters grave you pined, but never pished..." also badly spelt letters from primary school kids. mind out fer the junkies though eh?
  • Prestonfield House Hotel, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    where that politician lord who-sit got lifted for trying tae set fire tae the curtains. BAM! lol what a knob
  • Kraya Ltd, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    i require a spaceship, a laser gun and a sex robot. can you find me the perfect technology based solution to meet my needs please.
  • Piccante, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    YES THE DISCO CHIPPY!!! regular BANGING DJ slots happen here (i think) don't know for sure though. every time i go in here i'm totally wankered. Maybe the music is in my head? anybody want to clarify this?
  • New Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Luckylove (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    The Obs and Gynae part was clean when I did my attachment there about 3 years ago. I'm assuming it's still clean.
  • The Auld Hoose pub, Luckylove (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Best pub in toon, in my humble opinion.
  • Monument to Sir Walter Scott, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    A little known fact about Sir Walter Scott is that he was the first victorian to visit the moon. The Scott monument is a 1:2 scale stone replica of his actual rocketship.
  • Barnton Quarry Bunker, GM (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    This isn't the bunker, this is the Edinburgh Council depot for road maintenance. The bunker is to the south of the depot. The surface buildings are clearly visible.
  • Subway, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    i agree - more veggie pattys please
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse, jockaye2 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    who's house? QUEENS HOUSE